Endorse John Finnie’s Bill to end anti-democratic religious privilege

Its time to make your voice heard in one of the most important debates in Scottish Politics at the moment.

John Finnie MSP (pictured right) has launched a consultation on a Bill to remove religious privilege.  The Bill will do four things:

  • to remove the obligation on local authorities to appoint religious representatives to Education Committees;
  • to remove the right of unelected members of local authority committees to vote;
  • to require the full results of local authority voting to be published;
  • to require remote access to the public proceedings of local authorities.

It is imperative that all of us put forward our views, and any thoughts we have on the Bill to John.  This is the first time since 1999 that the Scottish Parliament has been in a place to end the centuries old religious privilege in Scotland, we would urge everyone to support this Bill.

These are three easy ways that you can do this:

1) ESS has created a handy online form which we will use to collate responses and send off to John Finnie.  To do this, click here.

2) You can email John directly at john.finnie.msp@scottish.parliament.uk.

3) If you want to keep it retro, you can write to John Finnie at:
John Finnie MSP
Room M3.19
Scottish Parliament
Edinburgh EH99 1SP

Also, please use this button below to write you your local representatives and urge them, and their Parties to support the Bill.  Just click it, then type in your postcode, and follow the instructions.

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