Not worried about the role of religion in education? You should be!

I meet a lot of people in my daily business who aren’t really that worried about the role that religion and religious groups play in education.

I’ve taken the following video from CARE Scotland’s website. I’ve made two changes, 1) put the name of my blog on there (shameless), and 2) I’ve added a note to identify Dr Alistair Noble, director of the Centre for ‘Intelligent Design’ who speaks in the video.

This video concerns me, does it concern you?

I’d be very keen to hear people’s comments on the video in the comments box below.

2 thoughts on “Not worried about the role of religion in education? You should be!

  1. Evidence of what we already know goes on, but it’s outrageous. ‘Keeping Faith in Schools’! Here’s a new slogan ‘Getting Faith OUT of Schools’. Schools are for education, not for superstitious indoctrination.

  2. Why would this concern you? This is great. Its good to have parents and members of the wider community involved in our schools. Of course if your aim is to indoctrinate children into secular humanist values and you want to use the state education system to do that – you will be concerned. You won’t want children to come across a different point of view. You don’t trust children to be able to think for themselves which is why you want to remove any Christian presence or influence. I tend to be a bit more open-minded and don’t mind having people with different perspectives involved in education.

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