Cape Wrath Trail +M24 +HebCelt

Summary (beginning on 1st July 2016):

  1. Train from Edinburgh to Lairg, then walk/hitch/bus to Crask
    Accommodation: Crask Inn or camp
    Distance: 13mi
  2. Ben Klibreck 1M, then walk/hitch to Strathmore
    Accommodation:  Wildcamping (OS: NC462476)
    Distance: 19(32)mi
  3. Ben Hope 1M(2)
    Accommodation:  Wildcamping (OS: NC451498)
    Distance: 4.75(36.75)mi
  4. Walk Strathmore to Durness (route)
    Accommodation: McKay’s Bunkhouse (£19) (resupply at Spar)
    Distance: 20(56.75)mi
  5. Ferry & Bus from Durness to Cape Wrath, then Cape Wrath to Rhiconich (route)
    Accommodation: Rhiconich Hotel (£60) or wildcamp
    Distance: 18(74.75)mi
  6. Walk Rhiconich – Kylestrome (route)
    Accommodation: Kylesku Hotel (£69) or wildcamp
    Distance: 18.5(93.25)mi
  7. Walk Kylestrome – Inchnadamph (route)
    Accommodation: Inchnadamph Hotel (£49) or wildcamp
    Distance: 17.25(110.5)mi
    Visit Bone Caves, if time
  8. Walk Inchnadamph to Oykel Bridge via Ben More Assynt & Conival (route) 2M(4)
    Accommodation: Oykel Bridge Hotel (£120) or wildcamp
    Distance: 20(130.5)mi
  9. Walk Oykel Bridge to Inverlael (route)
    Accommodation: Clachan Farmhouse (£40) or wildcamp
    Distance: 21.5(x)mi
  10. Beinn Dearg Four Munro circuit (route) 4M(8)
    Accommodation: Clachan Farmhouse (£40) or wildcamp
    Distance: 16.25(x)mi
  11. Seana Bhraigh 1M(9)
    Accommodation: Clachan Farmhouse (£40) or wildcamp
    Distance: 17.75(x)mi
  12. Walk Inverlael to Ullapool (route), then Ferry to Stornoway
    Accommodation: tbc
    Distance: 7(x)mi
  13. HebCeltFest!
    Accommodation: tbc
  14. HebCeltFest!
    Accommodation: tbc
  15. HebCeltFest!
    Accommodation: tbc
  16. Rest day in Stornoway
    Accommodation: tbc (resupply in Stornoway)
  17. Ferry from Stornoway to Ullapool, then walk Ullapool to Inverlael (route)
    Accommodation: Clachan Farmhouse (£40) or wildcamp
    Distance: 7(x)mi
  18. Walk Inverlael to Shenavall via An Teallach, Dundonnell (route) 4M(13)
    Accommodation: Wildcamp
    Distance: 15(x)mi
  19. Walk Shenavall to Lochan Fada, via Sgurr Ban, Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair & Beinn Tarsuinn (route) 3M(17)
    Accommodation: wildcamp
    Distance: 12(x)mi
  20. Walk Lochan Fada to Kinlochewe, via A’ Mhaighdean & Ruadh Stac Mor (route) 3M(20)
    Accommodation: Kinlochewe Hotel (£16 bunk) or wildcamp (resupply in Kinlochewe Stores)
    Distance: 14.5(x)mi
  21. Slioch (route) 1M(21)
    Accomodation: tbc Kinlochewe
    Distance: 12(x)mi
  22. Walk Kinlochewe to Loch Clair, via Beinn Eighe (western summits) (route) 2M(23)
    Accommodation: wildcamp Loch Clair (OS: NG999579)
    Distance: 13(x)mi
  23. Walk Lochan Claire to Craig (route)
    Accommodation: Gerry’s Hostel (£16) or wildcamp (resupply in Hostel shop)
    Distance: 7.5(x)mi
  24. Walk Craig to Bendronaig Lodge (route)
    Accommodation: Bendronaig Lodge
    Distance: 10(x)mi
  25. Walk Bendronaig Lodge to Morvich (route)
    Accommodation: Ratagan Youth Hostel tbc or wildcamp
    Distance: 18(x)mi
  26. Morvich to Barrisdale Bay (route)
    Accommodation: Barrisdale bothy or wildcamp (resupply in Petrol Station)
    Distance: 20.75(x)mi
  27. Walk Barrisdale to A’Chuil (route)
    Accommodation: tbc
    Distance: 15.75(x)mi
  28. Walk A’Chuil to Kinlocheil, via Gulvain (route) 1M(24)
    Accomodation: tbc
    Distance: 11.5(x)mi
  29. Walk Kinlocheil to Fort William (route) (including Camusnagaul Ferry)
    Accomodation: N/a
    Distance: 21.5(x)mi
  30. Train (home) to Edinburgh!


Munros/distance = net(gross)