My speech to the first public seminar of ExMuslims Scotland

I’d like to start by saying thank you to Ramin for inviting me to speak at this first public seminar of Ex Muslims Scotland. Having been involved with secular and humanist campaigning for a good few years now, I notice that we can sometimes become accustomed to certain aspects of public discourse. Most noticeably of … Continue reading My speech to the first public seminar of ExMuslims Scotland

Islamic radicalisation in Birmingham–A Scottish perspective

It’s always important when discussing ideological issues, such as Islam, to distinguish between the idea and the person. As a humanist I value the intrinsic worth of every person, regardless of their beliefs. However I also believe strongly that all ideas are open to criticism, and that in a liberal democracy, no ideology is beyond … Continue reading Islamic radicalisation in Birmingham–A Scottish perspective

Our citizens behind the veil

The use of the face veil is quite possibly one of the most depressing sights (Independent, Tuesday 17th Sept 2013).  The face veil symbolises the very essence of female subservience to the chauvinistic culture of monotheism. Of course, in a liberal democracy the choice of headwear is a free choice for individuals.  However, the principle … Continue reading Our citizens behind the veil

Visit to Glasgow Central Mosque

On Monday 12 August, I visited Glasgow Central Mosque.  It was a very interesting visit and I learned a lot.  I continue to be very critical of the way some Islamic theology manifests itself in society.  I am likewise concerned by the silence of the intelligent Left in the UK to challenge Islam’s demand for … Continue reading Visit to Glasgow Central Mosque